As an owner of a company, you often have to prioritize what you should spend your money on, regardless of which industry you work in. Putting money on online appearance like a website, online ads, SEO and others can feel like a very unnecessary cost. Therefore, several companies choose not to have a footprint online, and in some cases eliminate or lower this cost by having outdated channels such as a web page or social media with outgoing information.

A survey conducted in 2015 showed that 86% of all restaurant visitors search the restaurant’s menu online before going to the restaurant. That figure rose 2018 to 93% (according to TripAdvisor). Imagine this scenario, you’re home and suddenly the craving for Sushi is kicking in, what’s the first thing you do? Google of course what is nearby. What do you think your choice will be? The restaurant that has its entire menu with prices and pictures of its dishes online or a restaurant that is not available online? You probably guessed right on this issue! 67% of everyone looking for a restaurant chooses the one with photos of their dishes.

With the mobile society we live in today, a search takes just a few seconds and all information is presented in a simple way that makes it very easy for the searcher to find all the information he needs in a few clicks. A decision probably doesn’t take long either.

Google your restaurant, what do you find?
Google your competitors, what do you find?

Now some restaurant owners will claim “But we have enough jobs as it is, we really do not need more guests”. With that thought we probably would not have had an iPhone today and everyone would probably send letters by postage services. Having an online presence is much more than just a way into the restaurant for new customers. It’s even a place for regulars to be able to find information about their favorite place and as a reminder for the guests that we are available, just come to us. Retaining your existing guests is as difficult today as finding new ones as new places that are open on all street corners and the guests always want to keep their options open for new places to test.

Now comes the real question. But doesn’t a website and / or an app cost me alot of money? The answer is the prices for having a website today is not as high as before. Today, a website costs a fraction of what it did before. The trick is to find serious and committed agencies that can create your digital footprint in a professional and cost-effective manner.

Things to prioritize when having a website:

  • Responsive, responsive and responsive. Today, most of us surf the web with our handheld devices like cell phones or tablets when we search for services or products online. Therefore, your website must be mobile-friendly to make it easy for the customer to find the right one.
  • Search engine optimized. The world’s most visited websites today are so-called search engines like Google and Bing, where a user can search for a restaurant online. Therefore, your website must be optimized so that the search engine can find the right information and present it to the customer when they search for your place.
  • Updated. A website should always be updated with the right opening hours and menus. The customer should always be able to find up-to-date information on what you offers to avoid unsatisfied customers.
  • Easy navigation. Guests should be able to find all information in a simple and fast way. All important information that guests need, such as opening hours, prices, address, telephone numbers and booking information must be accessible and easily navigated on your site.
  • Real pictures. Sometimes it feels like pictures on the web look better than they are in reality. This is because unserious companies use so-called stock photos to display their services. This creates frustration with the customer, because the product does not look like it is in reality. You probably don’t want to see a photo of a new model of a BMW X5 when the car offered is a Hyundai Santa Fe.

What can we at Leembo help you with?

We at Leembo offer our customers free quotation and competitive prices to start your website online. Our solutions are always tailored to your needs to help you increase your sales and make all your information easily accessible online. We also help you get listed on Google and Tripadvisor to make it even easier for your guests to find you online.